Milana and Denis Khyzhavski – Press Release by Gerhard Charles Rump

Milana and Denis Khyzhavski and the Reality of Capitalism
The usual criticism of capitalism in the Western media is, how could it be any different, adapted to the level of reflection of their target group(s). In the vernacular: Facing the widespread ignorance about market mechanisms, and the economic process it restricts itself to a sequence of catchwords, more or less emotional or symbolic, like „profit“ and „locusts“. The complexity of modern money based capitalism free of value creation has simple models of explanation at loss. It is, indeed, hardly possible to familiarize the man in the street with phenomena like „derivatives“ or „naked short sales“. And it is not only that, but there are also moral strings attached. The Financial Institutes had recently bitten off more than they could chew and so they choked in 2008 and the following years. But instead of seeing this risk of loss and failure as part of the capitalist parcel, the „too big to fail“ organizations were propped by zany zillions. That is also modern capitalism: Individualize gains, socialize losses.
Milana and Denis Khyzhavski treat such contemporary issues in their art. With all proper clarity, but not like in Socialist Realism, rather deploying the means of Western Art, with differentiated ways painting, a fine feeling for color, changing aspects and dynamic pictorial strategies. Painterly aesthetics do not overrule criticism, they support it, as there is no room for aesthetic defense gestures („simple and bold“) enabling you to escape it.                                                 Gerhard Charles Rump